The web design includes all the efforts we make as web designers and developers to make your website a unique and memorable visitor experience, which translates to your organization as an increased visitor conversion rate to customers. By using the latest technologies and best practices in web design, in conjunction with the professionalism, creativity and passion of the Idea Perpetua team, your organization can differentiate from the competition in a positive way and contribute to the development of the brand awareness in the online environment and the increase of the market share.

So, whether you want a modern and efficient presentation website to promote the services of your B2B business, a unique and creative website for your non-governmental organization, a dynamic and attractive website for presenting your freelancer portfolio, an e-commerce website (online store) which is stable and optimized for marketing your B2C products or services, or a minimalist and responsive design for your web application, our team provides web design and web development solutions to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Start-up / organization presentation website

Freelancer / portfolio presentation website

E-commerce website / online store

Mock-up design for web / mobile application

step 1

Preliminary analysis of the client’s vision, needs and objectives

step 2

Initial design variants for the website

step 3

Developing a functional model of the website in draft/demo form

step 4

Rigorous website testing and customer feedback

step 5

Implementation of feedback and website delivery in final version

step 6

Maintenance, security and updating of the website

Obviously, there are many alternatives when it comes to selecting a web design agency, but it is very important to consider a few criteria to make an optimal decision and avoid the risks. Does the agency consistently present the services and the process of customer interaction? Does the agency have a portfolio of completed projects? Does the agency have the human resources relevant to the developing of your project? Does the agency convey trust and professionalism? Does the agency prove its readiness to customize the services according to your particular needs?

The Idea Perpetua team uses only techniques that give websites stability in any browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari, etc.), regardless of the equipment on which the website is viewed (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and regardless of screen resolution using fluid webdesign and responsive webdesign principles. At the same time, our team ensures that the website meets the best practices recommended by the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) in order to be identified by potential customers among the first search results.

Many times, the cheap decisions cost us dearly and we have been contacted often by clients after using low-cost web design services with questionable results. The most important aspect regarding the cost of a website is reflected by the added value the customer receives. It is important for any business to have services at reduced costs, but a website is the first contact with the customer and the first impression matters. Thus, an optimal quality-cost ratio is preferable when you decide to select a web design agency.

When establishing the fee, we start from your needs and estimate the fee according to our costs to achieve the objectives. We know how important the cost of web design services is to you to decide, but the way each project is unique and customized to your needs and costs vary depending on the complexity of the project. What we can tell you, before sending us a request for a personalized offer, is that the fee for web design services is the right one, with an excellent quality-price ratio, adapted to your needs and budget.

Idea Perpetua consultants are available for a new professional challenge in web design. For any further information or questions, you can contact us at, on the phone number 0749 256 247 or using the form below:







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