Social Media Marketing


Do you need an optimal presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, etc? Do you want to use social networks to promote your products or services? Do you want to create an interactive link with your customers? Are you interested in your brand awareness and its Reputation Management?

Idea Perpetua Team provides the knowledge and experience to ensure your company’s presence in the social networks matches your industry or organizational objectives.

Facebook surpassed 1 billion users every second, two users are registered on LinkedIn with each second, 40 % of Internet users socialize more on social networks than in real life. In an era of communication and interaction online businesses must adapt to change and companies that follow the natural trend, will lose potential customers, market share, reputation and revenue.

Our team will provide the opportunity to achieve your organization profile on the major social networks using tools and techniques that will positively differentiate your organization from the rest of the competitors. You can also get recommendations on increasing the number of subscribers to your page to cover a larger number of potential customers your industry relevant.

Depending on the specific needs of your organization Idea Perpetua Team is at your disposal in creating your company’s profile on social networks like LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter , Google + and more. Also, our team provides the expertise and experience to promote your organization in social media through LinkedIn Ads or Facebook Ads. At the same time we can offer advice regarding social media strategy and promotional campaigns.

In terms of social media marketing , our team is capable of organizing promotional campaigns on most important social networks to promote your company, increase brand awareness and materializing your company presence on social networks into a source of income besides an important function of interaction and communication with clients and stakeholders.

Campaigns can be optimized according to demographic and geographic preferences, etc. using cost per click or per display.

Couple of statistics regarding Social Media Marketing and the Internet:


Internet Users in 2000

4% of global population, 250 millions, was using internet in 2000.

Internet Users in 2013

39% of global population, 2,7 billions, was using internet in 2013.

Internet in Romania in 2013

50% of Romania`s population, 10,9 millions, was using internet in 2013.

93%Search Engines

93% of online experiences are starting with a search engine.

71%Google Global

Google Global Market Share has reached in 2013 the level of 71%, being the world wide search engines leader, Russia and Chine are the only countries where Google is not a market leader.

98%Google Romania

In Romania, Google is the undisputed leader in search engine market with a market share of 98%.

40%Online Socialization

40% of internet users are socializing more online than face to face.

84%Social Media

84% of companies from the online environment are using social media is some shape or form.


70% of social network users have a Facebook account.


90 %

90% of internet users are accessing with a daily frequency at least one social network.

Idea Perpetua Team is available for preliminary discussions without financial costs involved, on the suitable social network for your organisation, the potential of social networks and ways in which we can reach your objectives regarding your brand awareness or increasing the sales using those social networks.