SEM | Search Engine Marketing


Do you want your website to appear on the first page of search engine results in a short period of time for specific keywords? Do you want to become competitive on a certain market segment? Do you want to measure the performance of financial resources invested in online marketing?

Idea Perpetua Team will provide the opportunity to promote your website on search engines such as Google and YouTube through Google AdWords. Depending on your budget, together we can optimize campaigns to promote your business on Google so that a large number of visitors interested in buying products or services in your area of ​​business, will reach your website.

No longer a secret that Google dominates the search engine segment, there are very few regions, such as Japan , China or Russia where Google does not have a dominant position. In Romania, in 2013, Google ‘s market share was 98% so if your website is not optimized for Google or you are not promoting your website on Google, you lose potential clients at a click away from you.

Also , YouTube has become the second most used search engine after Google search engine, with about 1 billion monthly unique visitors, totaling 3 billion searches per month and 6 billion hours of video viewed per month.

Google Adwords provides organizations which want to promote on Google search engine a number of tools that can optimize your promotion campaign, so together we can select demographic and geographic keywords and phrases to ensure the success of the campaign and a high conversion rate.

Also, our team provides tools to measure the success of the promotion campaign, and reports on the results obtained, analytic data about the campaign and last but not least, success will be reflected in increased sales of your products or services.

Couple of statistics regarding SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and the Internet:


Internet Users in 2000

4% of global population, 250 millions, was using internet in 2000.

Internet Users in 2013

39% of global population, 2,7 billions, was using internet in 2013.

Internet in Romania in 2013

50% of Romania`s population, 10,9 millions, was using internet in 2013.

93%Search Engines

93% of online experiences are starting with a search engine.

71%Google Global

Google Global Market Share has reached in 2013 the level of 71%, being the world wide search engines leader, Russia and Chine are the only countries where Google is not a market leader.

98%Google Romania

In Romania, Google is the undisputed leader in search engine market with a market share of 98%.


72 %

72% of Online Marketeers are planning to increase the budgets for CPC(Cost per Click) in 2014.

Idea Perpetua Team is available for preliminary discussions without financial costs involved, on the operations of search engines, promoting on Google, instruments of facilitating and optimizing in search engine marketing relevant for your area of activity and the specific of your organisation.