SEM refers to paid promotion activities through search engines. Search engine marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase your business visibility in the online environment. Using SEM services offered by specialists is a flexible way to gain competitive advantage in a crowded online business environment.

Statistics show that in 2020, 2.05 billion people buy products and services online and after a year, the number of online shoppers will increase to 2.14 billion. Thus, the use of SEM may prove indispensable in the current context of Internet use. Compared to other types of media channels, SEM requires a much smaller investment, and traffic can be analyzed in detail with the help of specialized platforms and applications.



Monitoring and evaluation

Google Ads campaigns

Bing campaigns

Key-word analysis



PPC Management


Competitive research


Conversions optimization


Content Marketing


Social Advertising


E-mail Marketing

If you want to increase the notoriety of your business in the online environment then it is time to use search engine marketing. We will help you with the implementation, but also the constant monitoring of the promotion campaigns on the search engines. You will benefit from a budget tailored to your company’s needs and a significant increase in conversions.

Did the efforts in the online environment not give you the expected results so far? Do you want to promote your website much more and increase its visibility within search engines? Do you want to know more about the interests of users who come into contact with your website? If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, then the SEM services offered by Idea Perpetua are definitely for you.





Our goal is to offer you the services you want at a level of quality superior to the market. Your most important contribution is to tell us what you want to improve in your business, and we will ensure a result according to your expectations. SEM services will imprint on your business a significant increase in brand awareness and conversions for your website.


For services that reflect the efficiency and profitability of your business, confidently turn to a team of professionals who will pay the necessary attention to your needs and who act tenaciously and with dedication to solve them. Our team of Online Marketing consultants is always ready to offer you high quality services, and the fee for them is as fair as possible, with a very good value for money.




The Idea Perpetua consultants are available for a new challenge of SEM services. For any additional information or enquiries, you can contact us at, phone 0749 256 247 or by using the form below:









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