If you are a member of a non-profit organization concerned with social responsibility, environmental protection and community support and you need consulting services in our area of ​​expertise, we would love to hear your story and discuss about how we can support you without any costs in an effort to create a better world.

CSV (Creating Shared Value) is to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the organization by creating significant value that contribute to local development and global economic and social environment. CSV involves offering products and services that meet the needs of people and companies addressing social and economic problems and ensure the sustainability of organizations in the development of business and society in which it operates.


Idea Perpetua approach is proactive and innovative, to viable solutions, to new and unique perspective to solve our clients business and the community. We believe that it is the duty of each company as how it operates to reflect positively on the community and society.


Idea Perpetua is promoting positive synergy between organizations. Thus different stakeholders can collaborate to achieve cumulative results, superior to the ones obtained independently. Thus, by sharing knowledge and expertise, companies can improve their performance, achieving results and major positive changes.


Idea Perpetua support whenever possible non-profit organizations interested in solving problems with strong social impact. Our team supports people concerned about the welfare of the social environment in Romania. We believe that a company can not become sustainable without dynamic interaction with the social environment and the community.

We believe that it is the duty of each organization to achieve much more than activities of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility – Corporate Social Responsibility) in which a portion of the profit of the company is directed in various community benefit programs – organizations need to rethink the entire activity and strategy to maintain the sustainability of the organization in perfect harmony with the community and society.

Couple statistics on CSV and CSR in the business environment:


Clients` Trust

83% of people trust more the companies preoccupied by community and society.

Employees Motivation

80% of the young professionals are interested in an organisation with a positive impact on the environment and society.


50% of the clients loyal to an organization will choose company`s competitors due to unfavorable actions to environment or society.


93% of the clients are considering themselves loyal to the companies preoccupied by the environment and society.


88% din conumatori declara ca este de datoria lor sa consume produse pe care le considera prietenoase cu mediul si societatea.


91% of potential clients will choose from to similar brands considering price and quality, the one involved in ecological or social activities.


53 %

53% of the companies from Top 500 S&P (Standard and Poor`s) are frequently publishing reports regarding their activities of sustainability and responsibility related to the environment or society.

Idea Perpetua Team is available for preliminary discussions without financial costs involved, on the ways of integrating the concept of CSV(Creating Shared Value) in your organization, CSR(Corporate Social Responibility) strategies and tactics or for supporting non-profit organisations for creating a better world.