Science & Technology

Humanized Big Data

Humanized Big Data is a technology that collects and analyzes the type of data created by Big Data processes. The strong point of these processes, the quantitative foundation, is at the same time their greatest weakness. It is difficult to derive concrete guidelines for action or actionable meanings from an analysis of current solutions, if the aim is to make business decisions based on the data collected. The idea of humanizing data may seem counterintuitive at first, but since data starts with people, at some point people need to be involved in data processing as well....

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Digital twin

The digital twin represents the digital design of physical objects or processes. The digital twin can co-exist with the physical process, being used in the processes of quality verification and production scaling, these stages being simulated and tested to verify their feasibility before the actual implementation. Although more difficult to achieve, the digital twin can be a digital copy of a project that has not been implemented, made for the same purpose to verify the viability of the project before implementation....

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