A brand is more than just a name or logo that differentiates an organization both as an entity and in terms of its products or services. The brand represents the essence of an organization, the representation of the organization as a personality, the encapsulation of its vision, mission and values, an argument of choice and a competitive advantage. The success of an organization is often congruent with the success of a brand that gives credibility, makes an emotional connection with people, motivates the purchase of products or services, provides consistency and contributes to customer loyalty.

The brand is the sum of expectations, experiences, memories, recommendations, stories and previous relationships that motivate customers to choose a particular organization at the expense of its competition. In addition to the visual elements, the brand means the constant delivery of positive experiences to customers, a healthy brand is built on reputation, the delivery of products or services beyond customer expectations and the provision of added value. The Idea Perpetua team offers complete solutions in terms of branding strategy, brand identity, as well as ways to achieve the desired brand awareness for your organization, products or services.




Brand Personality


The set of human characteristics attributed to the brand.

Brand Culture


The values, the vision and the mission of the organisation, concentrated within the brand.

Brand Image


The image of the brand perceived by the target audience.

Brand Experience


The sum of interactions, relationships, recommendations and memories attributed to a brand by the client.

Brand Identity


The name, logo, slogan, trademark and visual elements.

Brand Essence


The spirit of the brand – The central element which creates the attachment of the clients regarding the brand and which articulates the emotion and loyalty of the clients.



Preparation stage: generating original ideas by accessing past knowledge and experiences


Incubation stage: passing the ideas through the prism of passive, subconscious thinking


Illumination stage: forming new connections between the generated ideas and finding the solution


Evaluation stage: validating the ideas, aligning with the initial vision and considering alternatives


Testing stage: finalising the design and applying the creative product in a practical context



Branding strategy


Logo design


Brand notoriety-building tactics


Promotional materials design

Of course, there are many alternatives when it comes to selecting a branding consultant, but it is important to consider a few criteria to make an optimal decision and avoid risks. Does the consultant consistently present the services and the process of interaction with the client? Does the consultant have a portfolio of completed projects? Does consultant have the relevant human resources to carry out your project? Does the consultant convey confidence and professionalism? Does the consultant prove appropriate in customizing the services according to your particular needs?

The Idea Perpetua team possesses the necessary expertise to help you develop a strong brand, based on the consistency of ideas and emotions transmitted to customers, as well as the constant provision of added value through your products and services. Thus, we will assist you in the process of ensuring the congruence between the brand image and the brand experience and we will develop your logo and promotional materials in a unique, memorable, creative and personalized style for your needs. We will also help you apply the necessary tactics to increase brand awareness.






Oftentimes, cheap decisions cost us dearly, as seen in situations when the customer contacts us after using low-cost branding services with questionable results. The most important aspect in terms of the cost of such services is reflected in the added value that the customer receives. It is important for any business to aim for lower costs, but the brand is the essence of the business and a central element in interacting with customers. Thus, an optimal quality-cost ratio is preferable when you decide to select a branding consultant.

When setting the fee, we start from your needs and estimate the fee based on our costs to achieve the objectives. We know how important the cost of branding services is in order for you to make a decision, but similar to how each project is unique and customized for your needs, each cost varies depending on the complexity of the project. What we can tell you, before sending us a request for a personalized offer, is that the fee for branding services is a fair one, with an excellent quality-price ratio, adapted to your needs and budget.




The Idea Perpetua consultants are available for a new branding challenge. For any additional information or enquiries, you can contact us at contact@idea-perpetua.ro, phone 0749 256 247 or by using the form below:









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