About us



Idea Perpetua Team is a fine collection of consultants who contributes with expertise, proactivity, creativity, innovation and experience in shaping the profile of our organization: a company designed to sustain you – business people and professionals, to overcome the barriers you meet on the way to the success of your organisation.


Idea Perpetua`s mission is to provide to organizations a practical and cohesive response from business challenges, developing along competitiveness, profitability and sustainability.


We aim to become an international reference organization in delivering sustainable competitiveness in business organizations and the creation of market leaders.


Idea Perpetua has a system of values that reinforces our members in a team with the same reference system.


People are the center of our universe, being the most valuable resource of our organization. We like to think we do not work with companies but with people who represent companies. For us, people are key to the success of an organization.


Integrity is an indissoluble part of Idea Perpetua, ethical standards and code of best practice in consulting. On the one hand we provide full transparency with our customers and partners as well as privacy and security in relation to third parties.


Each organization is unique and each Idea Perpetua project is unrepeatable due to our adaptability to the specific needs of each organization. We remain totally flexible to the needs of our clients, offering them customized solutions.


New challenges are addressed with solutions and ideas. Our people adapt your creative ideas to your organisation, making specific innovative solutions with full application and measurable results. Creativity and innovation are highly respected in our organization, representing the source of all positive changes and progress.


We design exclusively processes and value-added services that provides to companies, profitable and measurable results. Our solutions effectively use your resources to achieve effective results. Our goal is to provide services above your expectations.


The end of a project is for us continuing a relationship based on mutual trust and new ways of effective and proactive developing of your organization. We wish that the consultant-client relationship to gradually become a relationship between two business partners that are able to create together a positive synergy.


Community in which we operate is extremely important to us. We conform to the rules and ethical principles that govern society and try to provide community support through the expertise and our resources.

Couple statistics on Idea Perpetua Team:



90% of our clients declare that Idea Perpetua delivered services beyond expectations.



60% of the new Idea Perpetua clients come from recommendations of current and past clients.



80% of our clients considers Idea Perpetua a strategic key partner.


All Idea Perpetua clients considers our consultants as being true professionals.


In all the cases, Idea Perpetua team is providing the agreed services before the agreed deadline.


In all the cases, Idea Perpetua team offers innovative, unique, efficient and measurable solutions.


90 %

90% of our clients use other complementary services of Idea Perpetua, beside the ones already contracted.

Idea Perpetua Team is available for preliminary discussions without financial costs involved, on the ways we can bring our contribution to the success of your organization.