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Do you want your website to appear in the first natural and organic Google results? When searching for keywords in your industry, your website does not even appear, moreover, in the first results your competitors are present? Do you want to increase traffic on your website?

Idea Perpetua Team will provide our know-how and experience to ensure together that your website appears in the top results of Google for keywords relevant to your industry and a significant number of your customers are coming from search engines.

No longer a secret that Google dominates the search engine segment, there are very few regions, such as Japan , China or Russia where Google does not have a dominant position. In Romania, in 2013, Google ‘s market share was 98% so if your website is not optimized for Google or you are not promoting your website on Google, you lose potential clients at a click away from you.

Google algorithm is not completely known, are executed continuously changes and prioritizing websites in Google search is changing from one period to another, depending on what Google considers to be relevant to a quality website.

What Google wants is to provide relevant results to the users and to achieve this Google needs to adapt permanently to different dishonest tools used by spammers or those who use “Black Hat SEO” – dishonest and inconsistent ways with the best practices to obtain a favorable position on Google Rankings.

So if in the past the back-links to your website on other websites was the only way that Google had available to sort the relevant websites of the irrelevant, Google has changed, technological progress offering the possibility of sorting on the basis of the semantic algorithms. The social networking websites with authority in making recommendations, are becoming increasingly important in obtaining a favorable position in Google results.

Our team is aware of public updates made ​​by Google and exclusively by methods of “White SEO” we are successfully positioning our clients websites in top results of Google.

Search Engines Optimization (SEO ) is an operation with results lasting as long as it takes place preferably continuously or at least at regular intervals. Otherwise, the positive results achieved may be lost as a result of higher optimizations from the competition, due to new entrants or changes in the Google algorithm.

Couple of statistics regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the Internet:


Internet Users in 2000

4% of global population, 250 millions, was using internet in 2000.

Internet Users in 2013

39% of global population, 2,7 billions, was using internet in 2013.

Internet in Romania in 2013

50% of Romania`s population, 10,9 millions, was using internet in 2013.

93%Search Engines

93% of online experiences are starting with a search engine.

71%Google Global

Google Global Market Share has reached in 2013 the level of 71%, being the world wide search engines leader, Russia and Chine are the only countries where Google is not a market leader.

98%Google Romania

In Romania, Google is the undisputed leader in search engine market with a market share of 98%.


75 %

75% of the users are taking in consideration only the first page of search engines results.

Idea Perpetua Team is available for preliminary discussions without financial costs involved, on the way we can ensure the presence in the first results for specific keywords, details on how Google works, how is the competition positioning compared to you and what can we change to ensure a higher number of visitors to your website and a higher conversion rate.