SEO and SEM Trends in 2014

In 2014, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) and Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) markets experience a positive trend in terms of investments and the number of companies using these instruments to bring traffic to their website. If you are wondering why lately your business number is a dive, among other issues referring to market and your business model, it is likely that your competitors investing in SEO and SEM to be one of the reason why your organization is loosing customers, reputation, brand awareness and thus the incomes are decreasing.

Search Engines

Whether we talk about SEO and SEM, we need to consider the search engines that are capable of providing relevant and high volume traffic to your organization’s website. Is no longer any secret that Google holds a dominant position on the market. Except for Russia, China and South Korea where Yandex, Baidu and Naver that are leaders in the local market, Google has a global market share of 71% .

Below are the market shares of Google at the beginning of 2014 in several European markets. Google has managed to establish itself on the market in Europe, even in the Czech Republic, where it won against Seznam with a market share of approximately 71 % in 2013. The only unconquered market in Europe remains Russia, where the market share of Google is only 26 % at the expense Yandex, having 62% .


The second largest search engine with 1 billion unique visitors monthly, 3 billion monthly searches, higher than Yahoo, AOL and Bing combined, is YouTube, also owned by Google.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing Trends in 2014

Idea Perpetua`s recommendations on SEM 2014 include optimized use of Google Adwords campaigns, geographic segmentation and demographic segmentation by device (desktop, tablet, phone, etc), using positive and negative filters, using extensions and data analysis according device.

To these can be added using the new expandable ads from Google Ads and micro-websites, using RTB (Real Time Bidding) and recommendation engines, but also enhance the user experience, the homepages of impact and effective re-marketing.


72 %

72% of the Online Marketers are planning to increase their CPC(Cost per Click) budgets in 2014.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2014

Google has become increasingly concerned with updating and improving its search algorithm. Thus, if in 2012, the Panda algorithm claimed that web administrators can increase visibility Website through a large number of links to website, in 2013, the new algorithm – Penguin suggests that the way in which the visibility of the website can be increased is to create relevant content that users are willing to use it and recommend it.

Among recommendations of Idea Perpetua team for 2014 include the development of relevant and useful content, complete renunciation Black SEO practices, enhancement of the user experience of mobile devices, achieving responsive websites but also a better integration of social networks with the web content.

To these may be added the constant information updates on the Google API, using best practices Google, Link Earning and not Link Building and the presence on authority websites in terms of the content.

Social Networks Trends in 2014

Google + has gained greater importance in Google searches and also the likes and shares on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become rated. Becomes very important for an organization to identify the right social media profile and maintain its constant interaction with users.

Some of Idea Perpetua`s recommendations include creating commitment and sustained constant interaction with users, a reputation management on social networks, and understanding customer motivation.

Couple statistics, facts and figures:



26% of the emails are open from smartphones.

Social Media

40% of the internet users are socializing more in the online environment than in real life.

Search Engines

93% of the online experiences are starting with a search engine.

There are 5 billion daily searches on Google, 1.2 billion unique users and 700 Facebook Twitter YouTube videos posted every minute.


73% of the users are ignoring the paid ads and focuses on organic results.

75%Google Results

75% of the users are using only the first page of the search results.

84%Social Media

84% of the Business to Business Marketers are using in one shape or another at least one social network for developing their business.

Idea Perpetua Team is available for preliminary discussions without financial costs involved, on SEO – Search Engine Optimization, SEM – Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing campaigns to identify together ways in which we can contribute to the development of your business, enhancing your brand awareness and increasing the turnover.


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