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Your organisation is loosing ground against competition? Do you want to differentiate from competition and to have a sustained growth of the turnover? Do you want to enhance your brand awareness in the online environment?

Idea Perpetua Team provides efficient Online Marketing solutions to reach your company objectives. Among the Online Marketing solutions we can provide are included Webdesign, SEM(Search Engine Marketing), SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.

In a simple definition, Marketing could be characterized as the art or science to explore, create and deliver value designed to meet the needs of a market segment in order to obtain profit. Marketing is not just selling products or providing services , but rather lies in customer satisfaction , in full understanding of the client so that the company’s offer to match perfectly to the client , the latter must represent permanent core of Marketing.

Online Marketing is essentially a marketing strategy which promotes organisations, products or services using the Internet and its components. Online Marketing is a consequence of technological progress, a modern approach to classic marketing , a consequence of the adjustment of organisations` supply to consumer demand and their economic behavior.

The number of internet users is continuously growing. Also, there is the increasing time spent by each user on the Internet, more and more people choosing to inform using online information sources, to make shopping on the internet, to pay bills online or use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Such a situation requires an adaptation of organisations` marketing because companies without an online reputation will not be successful or even worse: their sustainability on the market will be threatened.

According to statistics, the number of Internet users globally rose from 250 million in 2000 to 2,7 billions in 2013. In Romania, the number of Internet users has increased from 800 000 in 2000 to 10,9 billions in 2013.

Marketing involves information flows on the one hand from organizations to consumers with marketing strategies, on the other hand, from consumers to the organization through feedback. In an era where information is the element with the highest degree of significance for almost all organizations, marketing in general and online marketing in particular is key to the success of organizations on the market.

Well structured online marketing aims before selling products and services , building a solid connection between organizations and consumers based on information, flexibility and loyalty . Online marketing requires bidirectional communication both from the organization to the consumer by providing information about the company, products / services, campaigns , social responsibility , etc. , and from the consumer to the organization through requests, suggestions, complaints or feedback.

Online marketing is widely used by both large organizations and the lesser known organizations, with the same rules regardless of the size of the organization, starting with creating a well known image on the internet, continuing to determine the target consumers , selling products / services , customer loyalty and creating a connection between the organization and consumers.

Idea Perpetua team provides the following methods of execution of online marketing strategies for your organization: Webdesign, SEM (Search Engine Marketing – Marketing on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo , Bing, etc. ) , SEO (Search Engine Optimization – Optimizing the website for search engines ) , Social Media Marketing (Marketing on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc) , Email Marketing (Marketing through emails/Newsletter ).

Couple of statistics regarding the Internet and Online Marketing:


Internet Users in 2000

4% of global population, 250 millions, was using internet in 2000.

Internet Users in 2013

39% of global population, 2,7 billions, was using internet in 2013.

Internet in Romania in 2013

50% of Romania`s population, 10,9 millions, was using internet in 2013.

40%Online Socializing

40% of internet users, are socializing more online than face to face.

84%Social Media

84% of the companies present in the online environment are using social media in a shape or form.

93%Search Engines

93% of the online experiences are starting with a search engine.


72 %

72% of Online Marketing specialists are intending to increase the CPC(Cost per Click) budget in 2014

Idea Perpetua Team is available for preliminary discussions without financial costs involved, on Online Marketing strategies and tactics suitable for your organization and effective ways of implementation and post-implementation analysis.