Are you looking to increase the brand awareness of your organization? Are you at the beginning with your company or you want to launch a new product or service that requires a proper branding strategy in conjunction with effective branding tactics?

Idea Perpetua offers complete solutions regarding branding strategy , brand identity and ways of obtaining the desired brand awareness for the organization, products or services.

The brand is more than a name or logo that differentiates an organization both as an entity and in terms of products or services, the brand is the essence of an organization, representing the organization as personality, encapsulating the vision, mission, its values, a argument of choice and a competitive advantage.

For an organization to benefit from the success, it needs to develop a brand that gives credibility, makes an emotional connection with people, motivate purchase of products or services, offers consistent and contribute to customer loyalty.

The brand represents not only streams of information from the organization to customers, the brand is adding expectations, experiences, memories, recommendations, stories and previous relationships that motivate customers to choose an organization to the detriment of competition.

Besides the visuals, the brand means deliveries of positive customer experiences, a healthy brand is built on reputation, delivering products or services exceeding customer expectations and providing added value.

When the brand image becomes congruent with the brand experience, the organization is really valuable both in terms of financial assets and the relationship that is set with customers and other stakeholders. Developed closely, the brand becomes an intangible asset, increasing exponentially the value of an organization.

Brand components are:

1. Brand Identity (name , logo, slogan, brand , visuals)

2. Brand Image (the image transmitted by the organization to the target audience)

3. Brand Experience (totality of interactions, relationships, recommendations, brand memories allocated by the client)

4. Brand Culture (values ​​, vision and mission of the organization focused on the brand)

5. Brand Personality (set of human traits and characteristics attributed to brand)

6. Brand Essence (Brand Spirit – the core that creates attachment from customers towards the brand and articulate emotion and loyalty)

Besides strategies and tactics to increase your brand awareness, our team is able to provide the following elements of brand identity:


The logo is the centerpiece of the brand identity that conveys visual brand essence to stakeholders of an organization. A logo should be unique and memorable, simple but significant, conveying the quintessence of the brand.

Idea Perpetua creates unique and memorable logos, able to convey professionalism and create attachment to the brand. Based on your needs, our team will create three separate and unique versions specifically designed for you and based on feedback we obtain the final version that will be transmitted to you ready for online and print formats.(light and dark background, transparent background vector for printing at any resolution, etc.)

Promotion Materials Design

Depending on the profile of your organization and your needs, Idea Perpetua team can design different materials and tools of promotion online and offline.

Idea Perpetua performs at the highest standards of professionalism and quality combined with creativity, efficiency and effectiveness, the following design promotional materials for your organization:

Business Cards Design | Designing Brochures / Folders Presentation | Template Presentations | Reports | Infographics | Email Signatures | Newsletter Design | Banner Design | PosterS Design | Designing Flyers |

Couple statistics on Brand and Branding:


Emotional Attachment

75% of the buying decisions are based on emotions, irrational and subconscious behaviour.

Satisfied Clients

There is a probability of 70% that a satisfied client to be successfully Re-marketed.

Unhappy Clients

96% of the unsatisfied clients will choose in the future to buy from direct and indirect competitors.

73%Client Service

73% of the clients are feeling brand attached following a friendly, prompt and efficient client service.


62% of the online consumers are loyal to the brand from which they purchase goods.


77% of the consumers are consulting friends or specialized reviewing websites before an important purchasing decision.


80 %

80% of the internet users have done research on search engines or social media on other people.

Idea Perpetua Team is available for preliminary discussions without financial costs involved, on how to develop your organization’s brand development solutions including branding strategy, brand architecture, brand identity (logo design, slogan development, visuals) and brand solutions management.