Idea Perpetua Team is a fine collection of experienced consultants providing creative, innovative, efficient and measurable solutions. We look forward for a new professional challenge to capitalize our expertise and we are at your disposal to support you to cope with the difficulties you are having in the business environment. We invite you to get to know us better by exploring our website.

Idea Perpetua is providing complete services of Business and Online Marketing Consultancy. Thus, either you need consultancy regarding your business model, your business and marketing strategy or you aim to enhance your brand awareness in the online environment, our specialists are ready to intervene and together to facilitate your business development.






Idea Perpetua Team is a fine collection of consultants who contributes with expertise, proactivity, creativity, innovation and experience in shaping the profile of our organization: a company designed to sustain you – business people and professionals, to overcome the barriers you meet on the way to the success of your organisation.


Idea Perpetua approach is orientated towards proactivity and innovation, to new viable solutions and unique perspectives in solving the issues of our clients, of the business environment and community. Our team is adapting to the specific of your situation, approaching your needs with capable and flexible people for identifying concrete and feasible solutions.


Idea Perpetua competitive advantages include our people, possessing consistent experience and know-how, capable of dealing with the most difficult challenges in a professional and effective manner. You will meet passionate and creative people, with high attention to details and devoted meeting the objectives your company is following.




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Idea Perpetua considers CSV as ensuring competitiveness and sustainability of the organisation through creating significant value to contribute to the local and global development of the economic and social environment. CSV means offering services and products to meet people and companies needs, approaching economic and social issues and ensuring sustainability of the organisation through the development of the business and social environment where the company is present.

Idea Perpetua considers that a company can`t become sustainable without a dynamic interaction with the social environment and the community. Thus, an ethical and holistic approach is only beneficial.



If you are interested and curious to meet us or get in touch with us, we would be delighted to find more about you, your organisation, current difficulties you have and about the ways we can support you to fulfill your objectives.